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I distribute an informative electronic magazine every week. It covers various issues that affect new and existing small businesses, including advice on planning, marketing, tax, financing, accounting and record keeping. If you wish to receive your free copy just send an email with the subject “Subscribe” to When you want to be removed from the mailing list, send an email with “unsubscribe”.


Phillip Chichoni


13 Responses to “Subscribe to free e-zine”

  1. Tapiwa Gwatidzo Says:

    just browsed through the site but am hooked.

  2. Keep it comming Phill.

  3. nkulumani mlambo Says:

    i would love to recieve ur updates they are very informative

  4. Have got a business idea that I am working on currently, I wonder if I can run it with you so that u can help with the technical aspects of drafting the plan.

  5. taurai tigere Says:

    Hi Philip,

    the nuggets of information you process are like fuel to a car,
    the car wo’nt move from A to B without fuel, thats the case with a
    would be entrepreneur like me.
    I would like to subscribe to your e-magazine.

    thank you


  6. chizanga mudangwe Says:

    hi am young zimbabwean man based in south africa. i would like to seek advice about a small business venture which i want to enter into. i want to enter into sewing business in zimbabwe i have managed to aquire two industrial overlocking machines, one industrial embroidery machine and two industrial sewing machines. my worry is that can i survive in zimbabwe with flooding of secondhand clothes popularly known as mazitye. for my business i wanted to do corporate wear and industrial wear but this with a flair of safety wear.

  7. chizanga mudangwe Says:

    hi want to receive my reply via my email thank you in advance

  8. I am inspired (is the right word) by what I see happening in Zim. I am just returning from the diaspora and I think I am inspired to start up my own business. Sounds good ideas from you Phil Thank you for this.

  9. Linda Morgan Says:

    Looks in teresting. Would like to see more

  10. fanton chipunza Says:

    you are great man,kip it up

  11. Brian goka Says:


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