Admiral Business Systems Profile

Admiral Business Systems (Pvt) Ltd was founded by Phillip Chichoni in 2007. It is registered as a limited liability companies under the Companies Act Chapter 24:03 of Zimbabwe.

The word Admiral stems from the Arabic term Amir-al-bahr (commander of the sea). Crusaders learned the term during their encounters with the Arabs, perhaps as early as the 11th century. The Sicilians and later Genoese took the first two parts of the term and used them as one word, amiral, from their Catalan opponents. The French and Spanish gave their sea commanders similar titles. As the word was used by people speaking Latin or Latin-based languages it gained the “d” and endured a series of different endings and spellings leading to the English spelling “admyrall” in the 14th century and to “admiral” by the 16th century.
The word Admiral has today come to be almost exclusively associated with the highest naval rank in most of the world’s navies, equivalent to the Army rank of (Full) General.

Admiral Business Systems is the leading provider of business planning solutions to new and existing business owners in Zimbabwe.

What we do
We provide strategic business planning and financial management solutions which help entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses’ growth.

Who we work with
• people who need help in starting their own businesses
• existing business owners who need to develop business plans and proposals in attract loans, investors, business partners etc
• existing business owners who are struggling to grow their businesses

What you get when you work with us
• Professional business plans and proposals that will get funded.
• Step by step guidance in the process of setting up a new business so that you get started quickly and with minimum stress.
• Simplified record-keeping tools to enable you to maintain financial records that comply with company and tax laws, give you a true picture of your business’s performance and help you keep control of your company’s finances.
• We help you see the future: where you company is going in terms of cash flow and income, so that you can sleep peacefully at night.
• You benefit from our knowledge gathered through years of working with businesses in various sectors and our continuous research which helps you solve problems that inevitably arise in business, thus enabling you to increase your profit and grow your business.

Our specific products:
• Business plan / proposal writing
• Accounting, financial management, setting up record keeping systems.
• Tax compliance
• Company registration, corporate secretarial services.
• Strategic planning for growth and business makeovers.
• Guidance in setting up new businesses
• Financial and business management training for entrepreneurs.

Contact us now for a free consultation or for more information by email or on the following mobile numbers.

Phillip (CEO) 0777 774 007, Christine (Marketing Executive) 0772 854 301

See the Publications page for various materials to help you plan, start or grow your business. We hold regular workshops providing training and information courses to existing and potential entrepreneurs. Check out the Workshops page for details of our upcoming workshops.

Admiral Business Systems (Pvt) Ltd Management Profile

Phillip Chichoni– Chairman and Chief Executive

Phillip is a qualified accountant and has worked in the finance departments of a number of financial services firms in Harare and Bulawayo for 15 years. He set up Admiral Business Systems in 2007 to provide consultancy services to small and medium sized businesses and those wishing to start their own businesses.
Phillip is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe, a constituent body of the Zimbabwe Public Accountants and Auditors Board, and is responsible for ensuring that the firm fully abides by the Institute’s Rules of Professional Conduct.
Phillip leads the management team in formulating and executing the firm’s long term strategy, and he is also the chief consultant.

Joseph Shoko– Consultant: Strategic Business Planning, Corporate and Tax Services
Joseph holds the Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and has acquired over seven years of valuable experience working in the finance departments of several manufacturing companies as well as a leading commercial bank. He joined the firm in February 2009.

Frank Tawanda Mangwanya– Consultant: Retail Industries.
Frank has worked in the retail industry for 30 years. He has managed branches of Sales House and Edgars Stores in Masvingo, Kadoma and Harare. His experience makes a valuable contribution to our retail consultancy services.

Our Business Partners
In order to provide expert advice and fully meet our customers’ needs, we have established relationships with the following partners and associates in various fields of business:

A) Tax Management Services (Pvt) Ltd, Tendai Mavima (MD)
B) Summer-hay Media (Pvt) Ltd– Corporate marketing and advertising (Nigel Jumbe, MD)
C) Strategic Synergy Consultants (Pvt) Ltd- Human Resources Management Consultancy, Rodrick Bumhira MD)

Send an email to for our information brochure.


2 Responses to “Admiral Business Systems Profile”

  1. Talent Chibaro Says:

    This is a plan not only for the growth of a particular company or individual but for the country as a whole. Such great works should be encouraged and appreciated.

  2. oliver kawonza Says:

    this is the kind of info to share to uplift fellows and for personal growth. thank you my man. continue the great work
    god bless

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