Business Plan Consulting Service

Our business plan writing service is for those who want a professional looking business plan to present to the bank, a financier, a potential business partner or for their own use. We do not sell ready made plans. Because each individual is unique, and no two business ideas are exactly similar, we work with you through out the whole process in order t develop a plan or proposal that fits your circumstance and meets your exact requirements.

The business plan development process involves three steps:
Step 1: Discovery
We conduct a free session with you, with the purpose of discovering your exact needs and ensuring that we are at par with your expectations. This session also identifies strategic and research questions to be addressed during the project. We also look at the purpose of the plan so as to address the expectations of the plan audience, whether be it a bank a business partner etc.
The discovery session can be conducted by telephone, email or in person.

Step 2: Market Research
Market research validates a business opportunity. Market research can also uncover threats to the business as well as opportunities. We conduct customized research for each client with regards to:
• The size of the market
• Market trends
• Customer wants and needs
• The competitive environment

Step 3: Business Strategy
Based on our knowledge and experience, and the research we conduct in Phase II, we assist our clients in refining their business strategies. We will review our clients’ business and revenue models and marketing, partnership, human resources and operations strategies to ensure that they are sound.
If not, we will work with our clients to enhance them. During this process, we will develop and/or refine our clients’ financial model. We will develop realistic assumptions for all revenue and expense drivers and build a financial model including Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements.

Step 4: Communications Strategy
Once the business strategy is finalized, Admiral Business Systems works with our clients to determine how best to position them in the business plan, answering questions as to what unique aspects of the business should be stressed in the Executive Summary. We then create an outline of the entire business plan in which we identify the key points that should be stressed in each section. In developing the communications strategy, we leverage our knowledge of the need of various business plan audiences, such as investors, financiers, banks and strategic partners.

Step 5: Documentation
Admiral develops all of the key communications documentation including the following:
• Executive Summary: an overview of the company and its business strategy.
• Strategic Business Plan: a full description of the business that answers the audience’s key questions.
Financial Model: an assessment of the amount of capital the firm needs, the proposed use of these funds, and the expected future earnings, organized into Projected Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements.

For those who wish to prepare their own business plans we have developed a detailed guide. This is a 30 page handbook entitled “Business Planning Simplified”, which provides step-by step guidance in the business plan development process. It covers everything that you need to include in a business plan that gets results, and includes a full sample business plan. This book is available in PDF format by email for $5.00, email if you want a copy. See the Publications page for other material on sale and for special offers.


3 Responses to “Business Plan Consulting Service”

  1. wellington mutabuka Says:

    please can you help me with information on business proposals and company profiles. thanks. can you send me your physical address thanks.

  2. collins mafara Says:

    please l need the hard copy of the Bussiness planning simplified

  3. yes chief ,physicall address please need to come in pronto

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