By Phillip Chichoni

Image source: Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia

Image source: Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia

The heat-wave that was hitting the country in the past two months has finally been cooled by the heavy rains which started this week. Farmers finally heaved sighs of relief.  So did other business operators in upstream and downstream industries.
After a storm, a familiar sound emerges: frogs croaking in the darkness. Last night for me was particularly loud. It seemed there were thousands of frogs chorusing across the whole neighborhood.  And it reminded me of Brian Tracy’s book Eat that Frog. This book gave me a fresh perspective on how to work productively, effectively solve problems and achieve important goals.

Your frog is any task that is unpleasant, boring or difficult that you have no choice but to do. You may try and avoid it for as long as possible but doing so sets you back in your business and in your life.
What are your frogs?
Brian says do not waste time chasing tadpoles or baby frogs. (Like reading newspapers or visiting Facebook first thing in the morning.) Start by eating the biggest, ugliest frogs you face. In other words, start with the most important tasks; usually these are difficult or boring but have a bigger payoff in terms of growing your business or accelerating your personal growth.
Don’t waste time starring at the frog. Jump in and devour it straight away before you change your mind or procrastinate. If the frog is too big, cut it up and eat it piece by piece, starting with the head.
Set you mind to do and finish that important task before going on to other menial ones which add little value.
For every task you have to do, ask yourself what value it is adding to your profit and growth. Are there no other more important tasks that you should be doing that add more value? Delegate or postpone lower value tasks until you accomplish the more value adding ones.
Go on, select your biggest and ugliest frog and get your teeth into it. At the end of the day you should be able to shout: Wow, I ate so many frogs, what a ride!
Have a great day
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