Fresh Ideas are required if we are to grow

By Phillip Chichoni

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” – Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
Positive minded people are the ones who make progress even when times are tough. As the year ends on a gloomy note for most, we all look forward to a better 2013. But who is going to make it better?
You cannot wait for the government. You cannot wait for the rains. You cannot wait for donors or the World Bank to inject money into the economy. It is you who will make things better.
Things will only get better if we all start thinking and acting positively to make things happen. As Albert Einstein said as quoted above, we need to think at a higher level.
In this issue I wish to welcome the new contributors who have shared their thoughts with BusinessLink Newsletter readers. We look forward to receiving articles from other entrepreneurs and experts from different fields of business. There is wealth in a diversity of ideas.
Speaking of new ideas, the BusinessLink team has organized half-day seminar that will be of great interest to serious entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth in 2013. The theme is ADOPT NEW IDEAS AND ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH IN 2013 and will be held at the Holiday Inn Harare on Wednesday 19th December, 2012, starting at 0830 and ending with lunch at 1pm. The main emphasis will be on how entrepreneurs like you can use the new technology of the Internet to get more customers, sell more, make more profit and grow their businesses. Those who want to start new business will be shown some new opportunities that the Internet has presented. The Seminar will cover the following key topics:
• An Introduction to the Internet for Business Owners.
• New Business Opportunities Online
• Effectively Using the Internet and Social Media as Marketing Tools
• How to use Facebook and LinkedIn to retain clients and get new ones, and
• Strategies to Attract and Keep Customers in 2013- Practical advice for SMEs
We will tell you the full list of presenters and finer details next week.
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