Kariba comes alive with inaugural business show

Kariba town is hosting the inaugural Kariba Business Show where Companies, NGOs and individuals who wish to do business with and in Kariba will be able to take  advantage of the expo to enter the into Kariba market.

I will be making presentations to entrepreneurs and those who want to get into business on the following topics:

  •  how to start and run a successful business
  •   financing businesses as well as alternative sources of funding for SMEs.
  •   Marketing that leads to business success.

If you are attending the expo, don’t miss these sessions on 31st August and 1st September as they are designed to give you insights to help you accelerate your growth.

Below is a brief of  what the whole business show is about.

Kariba  Business exhibition


  • Facilitate investment and business entry into Kariba.
  • Create a link between Kariba based businesses and those from out of the town
  • Locating Kariba within the national Tourism Marketing Strategy
  • Promote Green Tourism
  • Encourage environmentally friendly business and leisure practices
  • Create a linkage between Kariba and the rest of the world
  • Explore business and investment opportunities in Kariba
  • Explore the HIV AIDS Matrix in Kariba
  • Role of the arts in promoting Tourism
  • technological advances in Marine engineering over the years


  • Kariba Business and Investment Indaba ( overview on doing business in Kariba)
  • Travel and Tourism Indaba ( Re-strategising and Re-launching our Tourism Product ahead of the 2013 World Conference)
  • exhibition Stands
  • Boat Displays and other displays
  • live performances (Various arts)
  • children’s entertainment and displays 
  • Awards Giving Ceremony


  • Mopani Bay Caravan and Campsite


– opportunity to enter the Kariba Market or increase market share

–  Networking opportunity

– chance to meet with both existing and potential business partners

–  allows interaction which enables informed decision making on issues such as business partners, industry to invest in, etc

— opportunity to get feedback from clients and potential clients

– increased visibility due to media coverage and influx of people

– presence of policy makers will impact  positively on those present

– increased sales due to easy access to potential market

– chance to combine business and leisure

– those from out of Kariba will get to sample our Tourism Products

– entertainment-filled evenings


Please visit karibatourismservices.webs.com for more information.


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