BusinessLink Networking Breakfast Review: The importance of selling in growing your business

The BusinessLink Networking Breakfast meeting for May was once again excellent. Participants consisted of an assortment of business owners from

Participants at the networking breakfast meeting on 24 May 2012

various sectors, including  beef farming, motor vehicle accessories, accounting, business consultancy, human resources consultancy, real estate, home décor, micro- finance, banking, shop fitting, manufacturing, etc.

The event was held at the beautiful Gaby’s Restaurant at the Travel Plaza on

Phillip Chichoni opening the event

Mazowe Street in the Avenues area of Harare. The event started with an introduction by Phil Chichoni, the BusinessLink team leader.  Participants were asked to introduce themselves and tell the others what exciting things were happening at their businesses.

Afterwards, for the benefit of new participants, Phil outlined what BusinessLink Gold Club was all about. He explained that “BusinessLink Gold Club is a network of high performance entrepreneurs who want to win. Our mission as the BusinessLink Team is to provide insights, resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth”.

BusinessLink Gold Club- how it will accelerate your growth

Members of the Gold Club enjoy numerous benefits, which are described at the website, go to the Gold Club page.   Apart from paying cost price at networking events,  members have many opportunities to inform others in the network and outside about their products, special offers and promotions.  Members were encouraged to participate fully so as to reap maximum benefits from the Club.  A good way to get ahead in your business is to position yourself as a “guru” or expert in your field of business. You can do this by writing good articles and posting them at the BusinessLink Community website ( Being recognized as an expert is an effective and very affordable marketing tactic that well get you high value customers. You articles can also be published in the weekly BusinessLink weekly newsletter, which is read by over 3,000 business owners every week.

There is also the monthly BusinessLink magazine, which is being re-launched in print at the end of June 2012. Because this magazine is targeted at high performance business owners, you are guaranteed an audience of decision makers who are fellow entrepreneurs. So, why not write that article today? Once you have done so, email it to

The BusinessLink Community website now offers a special feature for members: you get to have your own web page! On it you can place your business profile, products or services- including pictures and graphics, marketing information etc. The page can be updated weekly by simply emailing new information or changes to the same email address and the BusinessLink team will do the rest.

The importance of selling in growing your business

At 0845, the guest speaker started making his presentation entitled as above.

Guest speaker Fitzgerald Mujuru

Fitzgerald Mujuru is a marketer with broad experience in brand management, media, sales, database marketing, customer marketing, and consultancy for small businesses. I am an author specializing in personal development, motivation for success, motivational industry as a speaker and trainer. I am a recording music artist, producing, singing and writing songs.

His first point was that you cannot succeed in entrepreneurship if you cannot sell. If there are no sales, there is no business. Simple.

Apart form selling your products and services, you also need to sell yourself and your ideas and your business, to business partners, financiers, investors, suppliers, new key employees and other stakeholders. Small businesses that are struggling today are probably suffering because of the owner’s inability to sell. Some potential entrepreneurs have not yet launched their dream business because they are failing to convince key people who can help them to buy in to their idea.

After Fitz’s presentation, a raffle was conducted, with all participants’ ticket being thrown into the draw. The prize was a copy of the new book by

Fountain of Inspiration- Rabison
Shumba’s new book

Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Business Consultant Rabison Shumba, entitled “Fountain of Inspiration Volume 1”.  Collins Mafara, the owner of Rooflight Aluminium (Pvt) Ltd, won the book.

Soon afterwards, participant delved into their favourite hobby, a scrumptious hearty breakfast, while sharing their business and life stories and ideas. Some entrepreneurs did not believe in wasting time and were seen already discussing business deals and setting appointments. That’s the spirit of networking. Don’t miss the next meeting on Wednesday 27th June 2012 at the same venue, from 0815 to 0945.

If you are not yet on the BusinessLink mailing list and wan to receive regular updates on similar events and also receive the free weekly BusinessLink newsletter, join by sending an email with SUBSCRIBE on the subject line.


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