Winning is not enough in business

“The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success.”
-Irving Berlin

By Phillip Chichoni
The most successful business owners, like the best athletes, know there’s no reaching the top. There’s only working harder and learning faster than the next guy.
Usain Bolt won the 200 metre world record in the 2002 World Junior Championships, becoming the youngest ever gold medallist. He won again in the 2004 Caribbean games. In 2007 he broke the world record of 19.75 seconds and in 2008 he set a new 100m record of 9.72 seconds. Bolt beat his own record in Berlin in 2009 and won more medals in 2010 and 2011. He has never stopped winning.
To truly succeed in business you have to keep on working harder, learning more, improving your offering and perfecting your business. Like in athletics or other sports, talent only takes you so far. From then it’s a question of determination and learned skill.
If you watch a winning athlete or sports person performing at his best, it will seem so effortless, so smooth and natural, like it’s second nature. The person will be in “the zone” where everything seems so magical.
When I first began to speak to big audiences I had this fear, a self-awareness that made me worry more about what people were thinking than what I wanted to tell them. I would rush through my speech, my heart racing and my palms sweating. After some coaching, reading and practicing the art of public speaking, it became almost like second nature. I was “in the zone.” But if I am forced to give a speech on a subject I am not very good at and without preparation, I would feel that I am not in the zone and still worry that people might see through me.
That is what happens when a sportsman goes into the field without practising. And it happens to business owners who stop perfecting their businesses. Customers can see through you; employees will not have much confidence in you; the quality of your products and services falls. You, your business and your employees need to get in the zone–that place where you are making the right calls as leaders, sales people, quality control, marketing, the works. Concentrate on doing the things that give you the best chance.
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One Response to “Winning is not enough in business”

  1. After some coaching, reading and practicing the art of public speaking, it became almost like second nature. I was “in the zone.”

    i want to improve myself in public speaking. who was your coach or where were you coached

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