What’s your strategic plan for 2012?

What’s Your Plan for 2012?
A new Gallup poll finds that small business owners in the US are worried about the “magnitude of the challenges facing” them in 2012. The fears include being unable to pay workers, being unable to hire new workers, struggling to compete with larger competitors and the business going under.
What’s your biggest worry in business?
The biggest risk I see among SMEs today is failing to plan for the coming future. This is the time of the year when you should sitting down with your top team reviewing the progress you made this year and mapping the strategic plan for 2012.
Are you growing?
It will be a seriously worrying scenario if you plan to carry on doing the same things that you did this year. How would you feel if your child gets stunted at the same physical size and mental capability for a whole year or more?
It’s the same if business; if you want to survive you MUST GROW! Move some steps forward. If you were running a two men business, make it four in 2012. If your sales were $3,000 a month, why not make them $6,000? The important think to remember is that growth does not just happen, it has to planned. And the right time for planning is right now, before the year ends.
A client approached me recently and asked to be helped to graduate from the entrepreneurial employee (or self-employed business owner) stage to building a real business that can operate even when he is not there. We have worked developing business systems, covering operations, finance and accounting, human resources and performance management systems. This means come January the business owners knows he had grown up a notch! He would be able to manage the business and not work in the business. This will free him from managing petty cash and office coffee issues and focus on growing the business.
If you need a copy of the handbook How to Develop a Three Step Strategic Plan to Grow Your Business, send me an email.
By Phillip Chichoni. Email chichonip@gmail.com.

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