The past week was hectic. After the hard work of preparing and facilitating the SME BusinessLink Seminar which took place on 12th May, I was invited to attend a four day Train-the Trainer workshop, which was organised by the Zimbabwe Agricultural Competitiveness Program. I must say it was an excellent and program, designed to equip us with techniques and approaches for better delivery of technical material for the purpose of providing market driven training to targeted commercial farmers and agro-business firms so as to enhance their competitiveness.
It was also a great opportunity to meet other consultants and professionals in business and entrepreneurship services. No doubt we will work together in order to support and help each other as we endeavour to improve our offerings to entrepreneurs and SME owners.
The BusinessLink Seminar has already produced some awesome results. I have been getting positive feedback from SMEs managed to agree to start doing business with each other. That’s one of the benefits of networking, you get to meet potential customers and trustworthy service providers.

Pictures of the SME BusinessLink Seminar on 12th May at Rainbow Towers Harare

Participants expressed their desire to have networking events on a regular basis. So we are going to have the first Networking Evening event in Bulawayo on Friday 10 June 2011, followed by another one in Harare on Thursday 23 June 2011. Full details will be available soon, but your input and suggestions will enable us to plan well and deliver better. As usual, SME BusinessLink Gold Club subscribers enjoy discounted fees at all our events; so we urge you to subscribe in time to enjoy the June issue of SME BusinessLink Magazine, which is going to be released in print in the coming week. Here is a summary of the leading articles in the magazine:
• Tourism: Low Investment, High Growth Opportunities in Eco-tourism
• How to break into the tough world of fashion business
• Innovative ways of adding value to agriculture
• Youth unemployment time-bomb: change of maindset required
• 5 Ways to re-energize your sales
• How to write a business plan for a marketing firm
• 22 Immutable laws of marketing

Please download a subscription form or request it by email to, or call Christine on 0772 854 301.




  1. wengayi ngara Says:

    really appreciate yo can i turn yo advice into practice.i work but i want 2 own my own bzns

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