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The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in Zimbabwe
Do you want to know: a) What makes one an entrepreneur?
b) How to test an idea for viability?
c) How to finance your business?
d) The process, procedures and regulations for starting a business in Zimbabwe?
Download your free e-book here ***
If you are unable to download, send an email to and request your free copy.
To receive more free entrepreneurship resources, send an email with the subject line “SUBSCRIBE” to, or visit for the latest updates. You will also find information on:
**The Zimbabwe Young Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition**
**SME BusinessLink Magazine for entrepreneurs and how to get your copy**
**New Books to be available in December 2010: a) “101 TIPS FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN 2011” full of advice and tips
from the leading entrepreneurs and business experts in
Zimbabwe and from outside.
b) “2011 Simplified Guide to Taxes for SMEs”

SME BusinessLink Gold Club Subscribers will receive these two books for free as soon as they are published. To see what other benefits Gold Club members enjoy, please go to

**Publications available now:
1) Business Planning Simplified ( A 68 page step by step handbook to help you develop your own business
plan. Comes with a CD containing easy to follow complete sample plans, templates and worksheets.
2) Low Cost High Impact Marketing Strategies for SMEs
3) How to Set up a Basic Record Keeping System for your small business
4) 2010 Simplified Guide to Taxes for SMEs and Informal Traders

Please visit for more information and to know how you can get a copy of these publications.



  1. Hi, i would like you to send me the ebook you said was for free. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in Zimbabwe, i could not download it. I would be greatful i you would send it. Thank you

  2. Emmanuel Nehohwa Says:

    Your materials a helpfull cn u send me some?


    Hie Phillip, im intrested in yo idea. i run a smal busnss of plumbing & electrical servces so i nid yo tips 4 me 2 grow

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