Workshop on Winning Business Proposals 30 June 2009

Admiral Business Systems is organizing a Business Training Workshop on “Winning Proposals”.

The workshop is designed to help potential and existing SMEs acquire business from the government and other large organizations.

If you wish to seriously grow your business, you need to be able to prepare “winning business proposals”.

The topics to be covered include:
1. Is your business project viable?
2. Step- by step process of writing a winning business proposal
3. Application for a bank loan-the must know. W Nyawo (African Banking Corporation)
4. Real business experience of a young Zimbabwean entrepreneur.
5. How to win Government and other tenders
Participants will be able to go through the steps of writing business proposals and should come prepared with basic information about their businesses or business idea. (Completely confidential of course) Each participant will be given a “Proposal writing workbook” designed to help them complete their proposals at home.
• Mr Charles Kuwaza, the Executive Chairman of the State Procurement Board has agreed to come and tell us about the Government tender process and how SMEs can prepare winning proposals.
• We have also invited John Shangwa, the manufacturers of Nhava, the first laptop made in Africa. He will tell us about his business, how they got started on their innovative idea and give practical advice to entrepreneurs who need to start serious business.

The date of the workshop is Tuesday 30 June 2009, from 830 to 1pm.
Venue is Lucy Ibbotson Centre, Cnr Herbert Chitepo/6th Street.
The cost will be $20
Tea and drinks will be served.

To confirm you booking, email me, or call Christine on 581230, or 0912 854 301.

Please check out the web blog: There will be giveaways of free stuff every Wednesday, starting on 24/6/09. Let your friends and associates know.

#Please feel free to send me comments about our previous workshops or recommendations on future for future workshops. You can email or post on the comments section of the above website.
Best Regards
Phillip Chichoni
Admiral Business Systems (Pvt) Ltd


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