Workshop on Arts & Cultural Products Marketing

Are you struggling to sell your arts & cultural products?
Do you want to create a unique brand for your crafts and protect your rights?
Want to take advantage of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to sell to tourists?
Workshop on Arts & Cultural Products Marketing
Topics to be discussed:
1) How to run your arts & cultural business as a proper and growing business and how to meet Zimra tax compliancy requirements.-Admiral Business Systems. P. Chichoni
2) Branding, patenting and copyrighting your products- Deputy Registrar of Companies Deeds and Patents Mr. W. Mushayi
3) Innovating marketing & advertising strategies.- Summer-ha y media. Nigel Jumbe
4) 2010 Soccer World Cup marketing program for artists.- National Arts Council Mr.E Mari.
Venue: Lucy Ibbotson Centre, Crnr. H.Chitepo/6th Street (After the Driving School Yard)
Date: Wed 10 June 2009 Time: 0900 to 1230 Cost: $15.00 (includes teas and drinks)
Contact: Admiral Business Systems (Pvt) Ltd Tel 04-581230, or contact Christine: 0912 854 301


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